How to Get Cuffed

These days it’s hard to be cuffed. By the right person. If you know you know! Remember when I gave you tips on How to survive cuffing season? Well at the time I was single lol and still is but I’m dating until I get it right! However, it is my desire to be cuffed soon and I know it’s yours too. Therefore, I decided to share a few tips I’ve used in the past as well as cuffing qualities the fellas over at Nice & Neat Podcast shared on their season finale!

Make Yourself Available

Pick up the phone and actually call or FaceTime the person you’re interested in. We love to text because it’s so easy and convenient. It gives you time to think about your responses but realistically how far do you plan to take this thing with just text messages? Also one on one interactions are always a plus. It’s even better when you make the initiative to schedule in person interactions. Whether it’s a date night or watching his favorite team play just do it.

Be Memorable

Figure out what’s important to them. Pay attention to their interest. In my past situationship( yep that’s what I’m calling it), I took my guy to a kickback that consisted of majority of my close friends. He admired the lamps my friend had and mentioned he wanted a few in his new home. When we got back in town I order similar lamps that I thought would be nice for his living room. I gifted them to him a week later on Father’s Day. And the first thing he said was, “ You heard me say I wanted these and you went out of your way to do this for me?”

Be consistent

I’m not sure about you but I love consistency and it’s only right I reciprocate it. Whatever you started off doing during the talking or dating phase keep doing that! It’s obviously keeping him around. It is important for people to feel a sense of predictability and reliability in their relationships especially with the new dating trends. People are out here ghosting, mooning, benching, catfishing and more! It’s a headache!

Take care of the bill sometimes

This is some player shit lol! Let him know you’re financially stable and can take of the bill sometimes. Men aren’t use to women taking care of the bill especially while out on dates. There’s been a few times I’ve footed the bill when it was a $200 tab plus tipped. You have to play big yo win big. Last year for Super Bowl my ex through a watch party. I decided to take care of the wings, pizza, and liquor and added a little decor.

Chase Him

I know in the past I said let him chase you. But if that man is chasing you and the feelings are mutual chase him back! There’s nothing wrong with reciprocating the same energy that he’s presenting. Show that man you’re just as interested in being with him as he is with you! Don’t make him feel like he’s wasting his time. Because he will leave.

Be Cute AF and Feminine

Get in the gym! Work on you and your personal health goals. Get your skin glowing hair growing and teeth whitening. Most importantly buy cute clothes. I know comfortable clothes are trendy but you can always dress athletic/lounge wear up and down. Show up for yourself not for him. When he sees you’re more in tune with who you are the more he’ll want to cuff you. At that point he’ll know he don’t have to build you to be the woman he wants you to be.

Ladies you are not cuffed until the initial conversation is conducted! Until then the door is open for other options to be explored. What are ways you plan to get cuffed soon? Share with us below!

Coming Soon….

For some time, dating as a millennial woman has become complex for numerous reasons. Oftentimes, as women, we allow our values to be influenced by society, family, and even friends. Generally, we tend to create a biased perception of the relationships we’ve observed over time. That in turn leads to unhealthy pressures and expectations that can drive us to lower our standards and settle for less than we know we deserve. It has become common for us to allow our hearts, minds, and most importantly, our bodies, to be violated, just for the sake of being able to say we have someone. But ladies… how did we get here?